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B2B CFO® has expert witnesses that possess superb credentials.

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B2B CFO® has over 200 partners nationwide with over 6,000 years of combined experience in financial management and analysis. Should you name a B2B CFO® Expert Witness for your case, then you not only get their experience within the courtroom, but you also get the backing of the world's largest CFO services firm.

Naming one of our partners for your case couldn't be simpler, just call the emergency contact telephone number located at the top of the page and you will be connected with our Expert Witness division so you can name your expert today.

An example of how we help as an Expert Witness and Forensic Accountant

It was a case involving a 21-story high rise building in a large, Northern California city in the early 1990's. One morning, the night manager was opening the building for business. He noticed that the escalator was malfunctioning, so he called an elevator service/repair company (the "defendant"). The repairman arrived and went into a small electrical closet on the first floor to examine and, hopefully, remedy the problem. It is unclear exactly what happened, but a catastrophic electrical malfunction of some type instantly killed the repairman, and caused a brief electrical fire. The ensuing smoke escaped into the lobby and then into the ventilation shafts, but all occupants were evacuated safely without incident. Nevertheless, a $30 million liability for clean up and restoration of the building was incurred and paid by the building insurer (the &ldquot;plaintiff&rdquot;). The plaintiff then sued the defendant for reimbursement of the claim. That's when I was brought in by the legal counsel for the defendant as a forensic accountant and potential expert witness.... Read more

B2B CFO® has expert witnesses that possess superb credentials and decades of experience spanning all aspects of corporate & small business finance, accounting and government.

B2B CFO® is uniquely positioned to address your need for an expert witness in Business Finance because our partnership is comprised of over 200 practicing Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) throughout the United States, each possessing exceptional credentials and decades of experiences in all areas of business.