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B2B CFO® has expert witnesses that possess superb credentials.

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Expert Witness

As well as Forensic Acccountant services, serving as an Expert Witness can be a task as in any other day's activities in the professional life of a B2B CFO. As seasoned professionals we are equipped and trained to view the majority of financial activities, reports and transactions as an expert in our field. With research and review we are highly accomplished to discuss and explain what we witness in the financial activities going on around us. We can help in areas such as business disputes with vendors, bankers and customers. Human relations and personnel issues often fall within our area of expertise. Contract resolutions among business partners to purchase, sell, terminate or dissolve may need our advice. We can help determine personal financial holdings for estate values in divorce proceedings, beneficiary resolutions and estate planning or dissolution.

As an Expert Witness, it will be easy to work with our clients and their counsel to prepare for any discussions that will be considered Expert Testimony. However opposing counsel will want to look at it all together differently. Credentials will be discussed and possibly minimized as inadequate. Past experience will be highlighted and any questionable job changes may become embellished. Morality, integrity, honesty and lifestyle will all be open for discussion. Relationships may be open for debate. , An effective Expert Witness is confident, prepared, and reliable with no hidden skeletons. As a B2B CFO we are sensitive to these issues and will discuss our history and reliability with our customers. Should we have any Conflicts of Interest, we will have other Partners that are available to provide this important service and we can see them throughout to make the transition successful.

After passing all the requirements to be considered an adequate Expert Witness, one must be totally 110% prepared for any and every question imaginable concerning the financial evidence, documentation, implications and explanations that may be brought into discussion. It is not at all uncommon that questions may be posed that imply misconduct, misappropriation and any means of deception although it is known and well understood that nothing is amiss. It will be opposing counsel's ultimate desire to trip someone up. All B2B CFOs are seasoned professionals and well equipped to prepare properly for any task at hand. With years of financial expertise to draw from, our Partners will know how to remain calm, deliberate, and confident all the while presenting our clients evidence with ease and proficiency.

There may be certain areas that require Certification in order to provide Expert Testimony. In areas such as business valuations a Certified Valuation most likely will be required and even if it is not, we would not be qualified to expertly value a business. If our Partner does not hold such a certification they will be glad to help you determine someone properly suited for this assignment. At that time they will be able to provide testimony that the certified report appears proper and reasonable.

Being an Expert Witness can be challenging and yet very rewarding. Just being present in the judicial system can be stressful to all the participants. As your partner and friend, your B2B CFO® will remain calm and logical and help all those concerned to stay focused and optimistic. Your partner will be your sounding board throughout the days needed to accomplish the task at hand.

B2B CFO® has expert witnesses that possess superb credentials and decades of experience spanning all aspects of corporate & small business finance, accounting and government.

B2B CFO® is uniquely positioned to address your need for an expert witness in Business Finance because our partnership is comprised of over 200 practicing Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) throughout the United States, each possessing exceptional credentials and decades of experiences in all areas of business.